Track and share your outdoor activities

You and your buddies have just done something outdoors, skiing, biking, kayaking, paragliding, whatever ... you've all taken pictures which you will send to each other via some chat-like tool and that's it, the whole thing will be gone very quickly. Sounds familiar? Read on ...



Keep track of your activities in one place, location, time spent, and most importantly, photos.


With one click, share a link which tells the story of your adventure.


Others where there with you? They can also add their images so you can all have one unified story.

Map it

Most photos today have location information, why not use it? See your photos where they actually happened.


If you want, share your activities with the world and view other's as well, write comments and give thumbs up when deserved!

Award Winning

Not yet, but we think soon :-)


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Why not check it out, the app is free! You don't even need to sign up if you don't want. Nothing to lose, lots to gain! Who knows, maybe this is the one app that will change your life :-)